Powerlifting Rules

Mens Class (4 Divisions) Womens Class (3 divisions)

Weigh-ins will take place saturday morning prior to bodybuilding show and (saturday weight counts towards sunday weight class-- gives you Opportunity to refuel overnight) NO SINGLET REQUIRED

           Men                                                                       Women

  • 148.75 lbs and Below                                 - 132.25 lbs and below
  • 148.76 - 165.24 lbs                                       - 132.26 - 148.74 lbs
  • 165.25 - 181.74 lbs                                       - 148.75 lbs and above
  • 181.75 lbs and above


  • Your Powerlifting total divided by your Bodyweight ( Example -> 1200lb total at 170lbs = 7.05 coefficient) 


  • Raw meet (Knee wraps/Sleeves, Belt, wrist wraps are allowed) 
  • 3 flights (if weight is missed on 1st or 2nd attempt, you are allowed to drop the weight in the next attempt)
  • squat will be required to walk out, competition bench press, deadlift off mats (must have on some type of shoe or slipper, no barefoot lifts)

Bodybuilding Rules

MEN The bodybuilding show will be the first of the two events.  There will be 4 Men’s Divisions: 148.75 and below (lightweight) , 148.76 - 165.24 lbs (middleweight), 165.25 - 181.74 lbs (light heavyweight), & 181.75 lbs and above (heavyweight). These classes will carry over to the powerlifting meet for the ability to obtain OPBA elite powerlifting numbers, but the coefficient will determine your placement among the other men. This competition will showcase the Golden Era physique, therefore Boardshorts will not be permitted. We will require traditional bodybuilding bottoms to be worn or the new classic physique briefs. 

WOMEN There will be 3 Women's Divisions: 132.25 lbs and below (lightweight), 132.26 - 148.74 lbs (middleweight), 148.75 lbs and above (heavyweight). These classes will carry over to the powerlifting meet for the ability to obtain OPBA elite powerlifting numbers, but the coefficient will determine your placement among the other women. The competition will showcase the Golden era women's physique. We will require women to wear a sports bra or similar wear on top with 'cheeky' or athletic spandex on the bottom.

Traditional Bodybuilding poses required 

            MEN                                                 WOMEN

  • Front Double Biceps.               - Front Double Biceps
  • Front Lateral Spread.               - Front Lateral Spread
  • Side Chest.                                   - Side Chest 
  • Side Triceps.                                -Side Triceps
  • Rear Double Biceps.                  -Rear Double Biceps
  • Rear Lateral Spread.                  - Rear Lateral Spread
  • Abdominal & Thigh.                   - Glute (Spiked Hamstring + Glute - One leg pressed back)
  • Most Muscular                              - Abdominal & Thigh 
  • Serratus Anterior                         - Most Muscular 

*For reference on posing please visit http://bodybuildingcourse.com/free-posing-tips/

Posing Rounds for Bodybuilding

1 - Prejudging

2- Individual routine (60 seconds max with song of choice) 

3- Overall Finals (top 2 finishers from each class to determine overall bodybuilding champion)

Bodybuilding will be judged by 4 Categories with 10 obtainable points in each category and 5 for golden era likeness

  1. Muscularity
  2. Symmetry
  3. Conditioning
  4. Golden-Era Likeness 

There will be a winner for each division in powerlifitng and bodybulding, an overall winner for bodybuilding (most points out of 35) and an overall winner for powerlifting (highest coefficient). The overall winner will be the individual who obtains the most points between bodybuilding and powerlifting. Additional awards will also be given to individuals for the best back, abs, and arms. Be prepared for something unique! This will not be your typical bodybuilding stage…

Becoming an Elite Athlete in the OPBA

Becoming an OPBA Elite Athlete: Similar to elite totals in powerlifting, each weight class will have a total needed to become an OPBA Elite. Also, a top finish in bodybuilding (depending on size of class) will be needed to become OPBA Elite. The totals needed to be elite in Powerlifting portion of the OPBA are:

             Men                                                                 Women

  • 148 lbs & below - 1122 lbs Total          -132.25 lbs and below - 684 lbs Total
  • 149- 164 lbs - 1241 lbs Total                 -132.26 - 148.74 lbs - 738 lbs Total
  • 165- 180 lbs - 1347 lbs Total                 -148.75 lbs and above - 813 lbs Total 
  • 181 lbs & above - 1433 lbs Total

Drug Testing

We will be drug testing at random at the conclusion of the powerlifting meet, to ensure all competitors have a fair advantage. please refrain from signing up for this event if you are not a natural athlete. thank you.